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Are audio announcements missing from your facility’s mass notification plan?

Voice announcements provide clear, real-time instructions for situations that may be rapidly evolving.

All areas on a campus can be covered by audio announcements.

Announcements can be directed to specific zones on a campus allowing control over dissemination of information.

Voice announcements can reach areas where cell phones and networks may not.

Voice announcements are exceptionally flexible; initiated from many different locations, by people who speak different languages.

Students, faculty, and staff don’t need to be online to receive important announcements.

Easily integrated with other mass notification systems.

Let Bogen’s 80 years of public address, paging, and educational communications
systems experience help you to secure your campus environment.

Bogen can supply any combination of high-power voice announcements, hands-free 2-way communications, telephones or call buttons for up to 16,000 locations on a campus.

Bogen provides speakers to cover all campus environments— indoors, outdoors, to a single classroom or over vast areas.

Bogen provides systems for outgoing wide-area public address or hands-free, 2-way communication to a specific area.

Bogen can enhance communications capability by providing call buttons that signal to security locations when assistance is needed and positively identify the origination point.

Bogen systems provide selectivity and identification of locations down to the specific building, floor, classroom, or individual dorm room.

Bogen systems are deployable in many different ways to fit the needs of the facility. Choose from copper hard- wired system for ultra reliability or network-enabled systems for quick installation and flexibility.

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