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Foreground Speakers (FG-Series)
FG30 Foreground Speaker Image
FG15B, FG15W,
15W & 30W models
Smooth, wide frequency response
Compact & rugged plastic cabinets
Works with both 70V & 8-ohm speaker systems
Available in black and white
U-mounting bracket included
Click for larger image - FG30
Sound Columns
SCW20, SCW35
20W and 35W models
Works with 8-ohm speaker systems
Four 5" speakers (SCW20) or six 6" speakers (SCW35)
Simulated walnut finish
Particle board construction
Controlled sound projection
Clear and intelligible speech reproduction
SCW35 Sound Column Image
Click for larger image - SCW35
Vandal-Resistant Speakers
VRS1 Vandal-Resistant Speaker Image
Withstands attempts at vandalism in hostile environments
Grille openings are cross-positioned so nothing can enter the speaker
Mounts with one-way security screws (included)
3" weather-resistant cone speaker
1/2-watt speaker power on 25V speaker line
Optional low impedance 8-ohm speaker operation
Available with metal call-button
Click for larger image - VRS1
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Foreground Speakers